Klauer Manufacturing supplies over 500 locations in 43 states with over 25,000 tons of unique sheet metal building products annually.

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K-Rib Metal Building Trim

Our complete line of accessory trim profiles, agricultural vented soffit and roof-ventilation products complements the range of K-Rib panel products.  Similar to our K-Rib panel products, each is produced from true-gauge galvanized steel to meet our industry-leading strength and durability requirements, finished with two-coat siliconized polyester paint and includes a 40-year warranty.

Hundreds of profiles in standard and specialized shapes are available in 18 K-Rib panel colors, along with other select specialty colors. The majority of our trim profiles incorporate our unique K-Rib design, which enhances the appearance and strength of our trim while giving it that custom pre-engineered look. Hemmed edges provide extra rigidity, eliminate corrosion due to exposed edges and provide safety during handling and installation.

Our expanded Select aluminum soffit system is available in all standard K-Rib colors. With available center vent, full vent or solid profiles, it allows the best soffit ventilation available for agricultural and light commercial applications. Combine one of these options with our Ridgolator® roof ventilators for a complete ventilation system.