About Us

Quality Products

BPI constantly searches the marketplace for new, innovative, and value producing products. This process includes customer feedback, competitive research, need-in-the-market evaluation, and value proposition. Suppliers are based not only on products, but also what they can provide for our customers.

Customer Focused

We believe providing solutions and support is what sets us apart and gives our customers an advantage. We strive in building personal relationships with customers, knowing their business needs, and providing education opportunities. Establishing corporate strategies that align with our customers’ needs and long-term partnerships is crucial to BPI’s longevity in the building materials industry.

Expert Sales Staff

Our sales staff are seasoned veterans of the building products industry. Importantly, they go through product knowledge courses and plant/warehouse tours on a consistent basis, allowing them to be as astute as possible on all of our products. Not only do we provide continuing education for our customers, but we provide it for all sales staff as well.

Logistic Support

BPI products are delivered on 53’ curtain-side trailers, powered by environmentally friendly diesel trucks, reaching most customers on a multiple-day delivery schedule. Our products are processed via the Warehouse Management System and a large portion of products are shipped on racks or pallets for easy-off loading. We consider our drivers as the most courteous, and professional in the industry – they are true ambassadors of BPI.


Brad H. at Hilsabeck Construction, Maryville, MO, on using TRIFORCE® for the first time. “After a quick learning curve, TRIFORCE® open web joists were quite easy to install. The floor turned out great and we are definitely going to use on future projects.”