• 1957

    Company was founded and served its customers from the Dakota Warehouse Building in Watertown, SD.

    Dakota warehouse building
  • 1965

    Lester Schull purchased controlling interest in company.

    Lester Schull
  • 1975

    Purchased Lumbermen’s Supply Company in Sioux Falls, SD and installed its first computer system.

    old computer
  • 1980

    Moved corporate office to its current location, 405 1st Ave NE, Watertown, SD.

    Watertown, SD corporate office
  • 1983

    Lee Schull becomes president of company.

    Lee Schull
  • 1984

    Company expansion: New branch in Waterloo, Iowa — Building Products Inc. of Iowa.

    Building Products Inc. of Iowa
  • 1985

    Name changed from Lumbermen’s Supply Company to Building Products Inc. of South Dakota.

    old BPI truck
  • 1991

    Consolidation of the Watertown and Sioux Falls branches while opening a new division Building Products Inc — Forest Products in Rauville, SD.

    BPI of South Dakota
  • 2000

    Numerous expansions in branches of over 180,000 SF.

  • 2003

    Opened a Prefinish facility in Sioux Falls, SD and Waterloo, IA.

    Prefinish facility
  • 2009

    Acquired a location in Council Bluffs, IA — Engineered Wood/Lumber Division.

    BPI of Council Bluffs, IA
  • 2012

    Further expansion of facilities of 60,000 SF.
    Annual sales surpassed $150,000,000.
    PartnerView online ordering and document retrieval system.

    BPI facilities
  • 2013

    Acquisition of Building Products Inc. Millwork Branch, sq. ft. 97,500.
    Acquisition of Building Products Inc. of North Dakota, sq. ft. 48,844.

    BPI employee
  • 2018

    Acquired a location in Watertown, WI — BPI of Wisconsin.

    Wisconsin sign
  • 2020

    BPI of Iowa branch expansion with the addition of a new 86,000 sq. ft. Millwork Facility.

    Iowa MW
  • 2022

    Building Products Inc. is excited to announce that Kyle Schull, former Vice President of Sales and Marketing, has been appointed President & Owner of BPI.

    Kyle began his career with BPI in December 2018 and is proud to be the third generation of ownership in this family business.  

    Kyle Schull