East Coast

East Coast

East Coast Fasteners produces durable, long-lasting fasteners for all combinations of building materials.

They also provide products to solve moisture issues like leaky gaps in roofs or sidewalls by supplying closures and pipe flashings to homeowners and commercial builders across America. East Coast Fasteners are part of the Plyco family of products.

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Closure Strips

East Coast Fasteners supplies closure strips for walls and roof panels. Mainly used for waterproofing, these closure strips are available with an adhesive option for better performance.

East Coast closure strips offer plenty of benefits that make it reliable and easy to apply:

  • Keeps water absorption rate low
  • Durable in strength and shape memory
  • Can be used as a plug for standing seam roofs
  • Conforms precisely to panel configuration

Don’t waste your time with low quality building materials. While they may appear cheaper at first, the cost of replacing and repairing them can be astronomical. Superior roofing jobs are done right the first time with high-performing closure strips to prevent gaps and leaks for years. Plyco helps you maintain competitively low prices by supplying wholesale closure strips, steel frame fasteners, flashings and other building materials at affordable prices.

We know quality matters, so we only offer high-quality materials designed to withstand harsh elements and the test of time. Available with an adhesive option for even better performance, we maintain an inventory of closure strips.

All of these closure strips are easy to apply and can be used to plug standing seam roofs. Designed for durable strength and shape memory, they conform exactly to panel configuration and decrease water absorption.

Pipe Flashing Supplier

East Coast Fasteners supplies flashings for pipe flashing installation.

  • Can be cut to several different pipe diameters
  • Flexible and corrosion-resistant
  • Can shape to several different roof configurations
  • Great for parapet walls, stepped roofs, or gambrel tops
  • Useful for fixing a leaky roof

Plyco offers the highest quality pipe flashings, closure strips, steel frame fasteners, and other building materials at cost-effective prices. They know quality is paramount. This is why they only offer durable building materials designed to maintain high performance for years.

With increases in roofing construction companies, contractors often compete to complete the job at the lowest cost. Plyco provides you with premium products at the most affordable prices to help give you a competitive edge.

Made from flexible, corrosion-resistant materials, our pipe flashings are ideal for fixing leaky roofs, parapet walls, stepped roofs and gambrel roofs.

East Coast offers flashing systems, including:

  • Flashers TM
  • Retrofit DektiteR
  • DekStrip

Our pipe flashings can be cut to different pipe diameters and are designed to shape to several roof configurations.