Woodfold has been crafting value for more than 61 years. Woodfold Mfg., Inc. was established in 1957 in Forest Grove, Oregon. Since then, they’ve grown into one of the nation’s leading suppliers of custom-crafted Accordion and Roll-Up Doors for both residential and commercial installations.

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Accordion Doors

Woodfold accordion doors transform rooms and alter perceptions.

Woodfold Residential, Commercial, and Acoustic doors and room dividers are beautiful additions to any space. And they will be for years to come, thanks to their durable hardware and carefully selected materials. Choose from hardwood veneer or Vinyl-Lam panel construction, then decide if you’d like your doors stained, painted, laminated, decorated with custom-print murals, or straight-up handsome, right out of the box. With so many options for closets, convention centers, retail sites, or wherever you need a door, we’ve got you covered.

Residential Room Dividers and Closet Doors

Woodfold Accordion Doors solve so many of life’s problems. Want to create a separate family room, sometimes? Curtain off a galley kitchen in a retirement center? Hide an overstuffed closet in a dorm? Whatever your requirements— frequent use, economy, security, noise control, custom mural decoration— they’ve got you covered. Choose the perfect look for your project, from popular hardwoods to elevate your décor, colorful or practical vinyl laminates that fold quietly out of your way, modern aluminum that’s beautifully secure, or custom finishes for a unique look.

Commercial Room Dividers and Closet Doors

When a large part of your business investment is its real estate, the more ways you can use that space, the better for your bottom line. Woodfold Accordion Doors help you: Schedule multiple customers in a conference space for the same date. Make a small office more flexible by creating meeting rooms when you want them and an open floor plan when you don’t. Secure an area from foot traffic while promoting your company, with a large-scale custom mural of your logo on the door.

Woodfold’s exclusive pin hinge hardware system ensures the smooth operation and fantastic durability you expect from the best. These doors are individually packaged in cartons or wood crates so everything arrives ready to get to work.