Meet ZEEL by ODL

Published on Wednesday, April 8, 2020

ODL is reframing innovation and design with their ZEEL™ doorglass frame.  ZEEL is one of the most versatile frames on the market with a flat profile that provides a sleek and modern design.  ZEEL was created to blend seamlessly with the door allowing your doorglass to be the focal point of the entryway.  With it’s minimal and low-profile design, ZEEL is a great alternative to flush glazed doors and provides all the benefits of a frame system with a style the homeowner desires.

ZEEL offers all the benefits of a traditional doorglass frame while providing new innovations that will exceed expectations.  ZEEL features a convenient innovative clip system, eliminating the need for any screws and screw hole covers.  The clip system with alignment arrows streamlines the installation process and cuts down on time and effort needed to assemble the door.  With ZEEL, the frame can be adjusted precisely to the door, so it sits flush every time, unlike other screwless frames which typically have preset adjustment capabilities.

ZEEL is made to stand up to environmental challenges without sacrificing look or performance.  ZEEL is made with ODL’s strongest material yet, FiberMate Plus™, which resists warping and scalloping even in severe temperatures and direct sunlight unlike traditional doorglass frames.  Resolve® Sealant is found in each ZEEL frame and is a clean thermoset foam seal which can be repositioned and stays consistent over time for long-term performance.

Blending ZEEL seamlessly into your door with the ability to paint or stain the frame is simple.  Using dark colors on traditional frames can make them prone to warping and effect the overall performance and longevity of the frame.  However, ZEEL can be finished with any color due to its strong FiberMate Plus material that withstands high temperatures even when using dark colors for finishing.

ZEEL checks all the boxes from ease of installation to look and performance.

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