Whether you are a home builder or owner, the best return on investment for protecting the longevity of your house is the proper installation of a balanced ventilation system with the proven performance and quality of Lomanco Vents.

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Ridge Vents

Lomanco® Lo-OmniRoll® Model LOR-30

  • Compact 30 foot roll is easy to handle
  • Pneumatic nail gun or hammer installed
  • Exterior convolute baffles—incurved design allows flexibility to roll up and out while maintaining its shape
  • Two coils of 1-3/4" nails provided
  • Can be cut at one foot intervals—multiple cut lines eliminates unnecessary scrap

Lomanco® OmniRidge® Model OR-4

  • Weatherproof under-lapping joint
  • Four drain holes per foot per side
  • Preformed to 2/12 pitch
  • External water shield

Lomanco® OmniRoll® Model OR-20

  • Compact 20 foot roll is easy to handle
  • Exterior convolute baffles—incurved design allows flexibility to roll up and out while maintaining its shape
  • Can be cut at one foot intervals—multiple cut lines eliminate scrap
  • Static Roof Vents

Lomanco® 750 Series Slant Back

  • Designed to prevent roof discoloration.
  • Three sides louvered for greater air flow.
  • Embossed aluminum finishes for added strength, extended paint life, and blending appearance with shingles.
  • 750-S provides enhanced weather protection. 
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty - 750 Series.

Turbine Vents

Lomanco® Whirlybird® Turbine

  • Forever Guarantee—residential use only.
  • Permanently lubricated upper and lower ball bearings that ensure long life and no maintenance.
  • All-aluminum rust-free construction.
  • Rigid spider-type structure.
  • Riveted at every connection.
  • 21 air-foil curved vanes with rolled vane edges to deflect water.
  • Exclusive vari-pitch base adjusts to 12/12 roof pitch.
  • Large flashing for easy installation.
  • Tested to withstand winds of 110 m.p.h.
  • Easy installation.
  • Reduces energy bills.
  • Reduces winter ice build up.
  • Big Whirly—14” moves up to 37% more air than the 12”.

Gable Vents

Lomanco® Triangular Line Gable Vents

  • A-Series is adjustable for steeper pitches
  • A-Series all-aluminum vari-pitch louver adjustable from 6/12 to 12/12 roof pitches
  • A-Series and 900 Series have a unique blade design that provides maximum weather protection
  • 900 Series all-aluminum, vari-pitch louver. Adjustable from 2-1/2 12 to 9/12 roof pitches
  • Applicable in sheds, knee walls, etc.
  • 8x8 perma-coated screen provided
  • Wide mounting flange
  • 900 Series Chart available for specifications at each pitch adjustment

Lomanco® Square Line Gable Vents

  • All-aluminum construction
  • 100 Series used for flush mounting
  • 100 series offers wide mounting flange


Lomanco® Omni-Wall™ Model OW-4

  • Internal aerodynamic curved baffles
  • External perpendicular omni baffles
  • Weatherproof underlapping joint
  • Four drain holes per foot
  • 9” Net Free Area per linear foot
  • External venturi baffle
  • Pre-formed to 3/12 pitch
  • Supported nail holes
  • Molded nail lines
  • Alignment tabs
  • External water shield
  • Slot width guide lines
  • Molded-in endplug fits all roof pitches
  • High grade, high impact UV resistant material
  • Designed for maximum weather protection
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Intake Vents

Lomanco® Deck-Air™ Intake Vent

  • Roof deck installed intake vent: Can be installed on or off roof edge
  • Constructed from the same durable, long lasting material as Omni Series vents
  • Perfect for homes built with little or no overhang
  • Unique design provides enhanced weather protection
  • Optional specialty use as an off ridge exhaust vent
  • CSA approved
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

Standard Power Vents

Lomanco® Lomancool™ 2000

  • Deep drawn flange and unique rain shield keep water out
  • Factory-set adjustable thermostat (switches on at 100 degrees and off at 85 degrees)
  • Adjustable humidistat settings are: minimum 80%, normal 42%, and maximum 20%.
  • 8x8 aluminum screen attached for insect protection
  • 2000TH model equipped with thermostat/humidistat combo switch
  • 5 year limited warranty