FrontLine® Bldg. Products is a leading manufacturer of aluminum cladding for garage
door frames.

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FrontLine® Bldg. Products all-aluminum garage door frames are virtually indestructible, unlike thin coil-stock aluminum wrapping. The all-aluminum garage door frame is available in eleven colors, 5.5" and 7.5" jamb depths, 90° square or 45° clipped corners. The all-aluminum garage door frame does not contain any wood, therefore no rot, no water-wicking, no warping, and no bug infestation. Available with optional (field applied) 1x4 casing, j-mould casing or brickmould casing.

Their all-aluminum arch top garage door frame is available in 5.5" and 7.5" jamb depths. Available in eleven colors, does not contain any wood, therefore no rot, water-wicking, warping, or bug infestation. 

The "Classic Clad" garage door frame clad system is extruded of .062 aluminum and is available in the same eleven colors as the all-aluminum garage door frame. The "Classic Clad" system is designed to be applied to existing framing lumber, on new or retrofit openings.

All FrontLine® Bldg. Products garage door frame kits are manufactured for ease of installation and superior curb appeal.

Never paint your door frame again! FrontLine® Bldg. Products low maintenance aftermarket clad can be applied to any door system on your home. This product is designed for the do it yourself homeowner with ease of application.