Whether your dream house is a classic Colonial, ladylike Victorian or handsome Craftsman, a diverse product selection at Rollex will help you create a historically accurate, architecturally correct and flat-out gorgeous home.

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Stealth Soffit

Rollex aluminum Stealth Soffit is perfectly vented to promote continuous airflow, a necessary component to keeping attics cool and dry. Smooth, flat surfaces provide the circulation you need without visible perforations (total net free air of 8 sq in per lineal foot).

System 3 Soffit

System 3 soffit panels keep dangerous hot air out of attics in the summer and damaging moisture out during the winter months. Strong yet flexible aluminum soffit is perfectly vented to promote continuous airflow, a necessary component to keeping attics cool and dry. Optimal ventilation can be strategically controlled by alternating solid and vented panels. All components are virtually maintenance-free and covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

Navigator Steel Siding

We’ve combined high tech steel and our ultra-durable proprietary SMP coating for the best siding experience. Our latest coating, a silicone polyester, has been enhanced to outperform other coatings for resistance to chalk, fade, corrosion and moisture. Navigator will stand up to damaging UV lights, weather and humidity but can be easily cleaned with just water.

Keep homes looking new for decades with Navigator’s virtually maintenance-free panel that never needs re-painting. Low gloss seamless coil and boxed siding available in 16 on-trend colors to work beautifully on any home type.

Aurora Steel Siding

Aurora steel siding with Nova-UVX4000 offers a cutting-edge, high performance exterior quality finish. Enhance the curb appeal of your home projects with Nova-UVX4000’s clean, modern look. Its solar reflective properties also help homes be more energy efficient.

Complete with a rich embossed wood grain pattern for a realistic wood like appearance. Enjoy long-lasting,worry-free protection of Aurora Steel Siding guaranteed not to rust, peel or crack.

Requires virtually no maintenance to keep it looking fresh and new. Installs just like vinyl siding, just use a special ferrous blade in your circular saw. Plus, no caulking needed.