Quality Edge

Quality Edge

Quality Edge provides contractors and builders with the most innovative soffit, siding, fascia, roofing accessories, siding accessories, gutter protection and trim coil to create solutions for homeowners that blend beauty, strength and sustainability.

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Steel Siding

Quality Edge® believes in manufacturing innovation that endures from materials that last. Quality Edge has developed weather-resistant steel siding collections utilizing one of the strongest, most versatile and recyclable materials on our planet, reducing your carbon footprint while safeguarding you against costly repairs.

Quality Edge® siding collections are expertly engineered to blend the best of both durability and aesthetic. With a carbon steel core, we provide unmatched impact resistance that doesn’t crack, melt or absorb moisture like other siding materials. It also perfectly mimics the look of real wood siding in a range of curated color options including a classic designer palette, bold hues and realistic woodgrain finishes.


Quality Edge designed, engineered and patented the most attractive and best performing soffit ventilation products in the industry. With proper ventilation, cool, dry air is drawn in through the soffit and replaces the hot damp air created in your attic.