Available at BPI of Council Bluffs, BPI of North Dakota, and BPI of South Dakota branches. Not available at BPI of Iowa, and BPI of Wisconsin branches.

Epilay Inc. is a globally diversified company providing solutions for housing and construction industry with a wide range of woven and non-woven technical textiles. With an experience of over 30 years in the polymer industry they provide solutions to the building industry with our extensive range waterproofing and weather barrier products for home construction.

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  • Specifically manufactured to replace #15 Felt and #30 Felt
  • 17 MIL thickness - a 10 square roll weighs only 37 lbs!
  • Works best for use under Metal, Slate, Asphalt Shingles and Concrete & Clay Tiles
  • 8x lighter, 35x stronger than #15 Felt and #30 Felt
  • 40 year limited warranty


  • Specifically manufactured to replace #15 Felt and #30 Felt
  • 6.5 MIL thickness - a 10 square roll weighs only 21 lbs!
  • Works best for use under Asphalt Shingles & metal roofs
  • 5x lighter, 25x stronger than #15 Felt
  • 10 year limited warranty


Epilayplystick_packaging™ PlyStiK™ PLUS is an extremely strong roofing underlayment with a 48 mil thickness and a 2 square roll weighing 48 lbs. These unique design features when coupled with exceptional tear strength and excellent adhesion allows the contractor to easily carry the roll up and down the ladder. It is available in 2 square (3ftX66.7ft) rolls.

Epilay™ PlyStiK™ PLUS Roofing underlayment with its advanced engineering is highly recommended for Self Adhered Peel & Stick, coated woven synthetic roofing underlayment for sloped roofs. Epilay™ PlyStiK™ is a Top of the line Premium Heavy Duty Commercial underlayment specifically manufactured to replace the traditional asphalt based Sand and Granular Peel & Stick Underlayments.

The adhesive layer is made from the advanced SBS Modified Bitumen based adhesive which performs extremely well in high as well as low temperatures and gives excellent adhesion to the primary roofing surface whether it is plywood or metal. The temperature performance range for Epilay™ PlyStiK™ Plus is -40° F to 260° F (-40° C to 126° C). It has a split release liner with silicone coating on both sides which helps in easier installation.