Pacific Woodtech

Pacific Woodtech

Since 1998, Pacific Woodtech has been one of the world’s top producers of engineered wood products, and holds a solid first place in product quality, process and customer service.

They have been a respected producer of private-label EWP and are now producing our own Pacific Woodtech branded products with the same dedication to innovation and quality.

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LVL Headers and Beams

Pacific Woodtech Laminated Veneer Lumber (PWLVL) is a form of structural composite lumber. Used for headers, beams, rim board and columns, laminated veneer lumber (LVL) is made under factory-controlled specifications. It is stronger, straighter and more uniform than typical milled lumber and much less likely than conventional lumber to warp, twist, bow or shrink.

PWT Treated

Pacific Woodtech is driven by making the best even better, which is what they have done with their newest, boldest product – PWT Treated. They now exclusively offer the world’s first manufacturer-treated LVL – and an exciting new era in engineered decking solutions.

PWT Treated means longer spans with better views, longer lasting, and a longer warranty.  The difference is about what you don't see.

Product Highlights:
  • The world’s first manufacturer-treated LVL and the dawn of a new era in engineered decking solutions

  • Protected against damage caused by fungal rot, decay and wood-destroying insects, including Formosan termites (interior or exterior usage)

  • PWT Treated LVL is the only manufacturer-treated LVL, and it includes a 25-year limited, transferable warranty.*

  • No gradient – uniformly treated, 2X PTI retentions required for UC3B

  • PWT Treated LVL can be used in severe above-ground UC3B applications requiring UC4A treatment retentions per AWPA, including severe, critical and hard-to-replace above-ground uses, such as:Deck substructures, exterior columns, sill plates, and fascia

  • Treatment is added during the LVL manufacturing process, which fully penetrates throughout each veneer layer, offering complete protection from the inside out

  • Stainable

  • Non-corrosive

  • No added VOCs

  • All of the advantages of LVL