Guess Who Game - Answers

Published on Monday, February 3, 2020

Thank you everybody that participated in January's Guess Who Game!! The winner of the game is Lana Smith of the BPI Corporate office. Congratulations Lana on winning the at popcorn/candy prize!

Below are the answers to the Guess Who Game and don't forget to participate in February's Valentine's Around the World Match Game for your chance at winning a date night style prize!

Aaron Keiner

Aaron Keiner - CB

Adam Fischer

Adam Fischer - SF

Cas Rangel

Cas Rangel - CORP

Darla Thompson

Darla Thompson - CORP

Darrell Lindner - SF

Darrell Lindner - SF

Dawn Boswell

Dawn Boswell - CORP

Jan Schull

Jan Schull - CORP

Jason Patzner

Jason Patzner - WI

Jesse Anderson

Jesse Anderson - FG

Kurt Katuin

Kurt Katuin - WL

Kyle Schull

Kyle Schull - CORP

Lana Smith

Lana Smith - CORP

Lee Schull

Lee Schull - CORP

Paul Maassen

Paul Maassen - CORP

Sarah Brasel

Sarah Brasel - SF

JJ Robson

JJ Robson - WL

Joellen Wahner

Joellen Wahner - WL

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