The BPI Bulletin - December 2019

Published on Monday, December 2, 2019

In December's Edition of the Employee Section

  • Open Enrollment

  • PTO

  • Who Doesn't Love a Deal?

  • Birthday's, Anniversaries, & New Hires

Open Enrollment


You have until Friday, December 13th to make changes to your dental, vision or Aflac policies. Effective January 1, MetLife will implement a 7% increase to our dental premiums but our vision premiums will remain unchanged. If you don't want to make dental or vision coverage changes, no action is required by you.


Aflac representatives will visit each branch to discuss their policy offerings along with the flexible spending account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) with Wage Works. To participate in either the FSA or HSA plans in 2020, you must complete and enrollment form with your aflac representative. 


Check Your PTO Balance

If you have PTO remaining at the end of the calendar year, our policy allows you to carry over up to five days (40 hours)  of unused PTO into the next calendar year. The carried over hours must be used by March 31 or they will be forfeited.

Great Deal

Who doesn't LOVE getting some great deals?!?! Check out these awesome deals for BPI employees!

Birthdays Anniversaries New Hires
John Jensen 12/1 JJ Robson 23 Colton Wehr - Waterloo, Prefinish
Stacey Greve 12/2 Adam Fischer 17 Josh Burnell - Sioux Falls, Warehouse
Jacob Flemmer 12/4 Jason Kruse 8 Vince Welch - Chief Operating Officer
Tim Blanshan 12/5 Paul Maassen 8
Andy Kottke 12/5 Cas Rangel 8
Shawn Phelps 12/5 Kurt Katuin 6
Roger Odekirk 12/6 Chris Woslager 6
Morgan Tetzner 12/8 Rick Johnson 5
Alex Baez 12/9 Cory Williams 3
Bud VanBockern 12/11 Lucas Ingersoll 2
Doug Pederson 12/11 Jacob Flemmer 2
John Elsinger 12/12 Ted Johnson 1
Jesse Anderson 12/13 Kyle Schull 1
Aaron Keiner 12/13
Gary Drew 12/14
Preston Jones 12/16
Katie Scherbring 12/17
Jay Parks 12/19
Trista Schaefer 12/20
Amanda Buhrow 12/21
Matt Morris 12/24
Colton Wehr 12/24
Trevor Tangen 12/24
Lynda Egge 12/27
Mike Overkamp 12/27
Shelly Thranum 12/30
Laura Whitehead 12/30
Chad White 12/31

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