BPI of Council Bluffs WMS Recap

Published on Saturday, May 1, 2021

By Randy Dillon

What a game changer WMS has been for the Council Bluffs location and BPI as a whole. We went live on March 27th and I must say, getting started was daunting at first but my team and I embraced it and the results are already starting to show. Our efficiency has improved by 38%. What use to take us 13 hours to do has now been cut down to 8 hours. It has improved our operational efficiency for both labor and physical space by waldo monitoring our work processes on various levels. It has also assisted us with inventory control in a way that improves accuracy. WMS will not only help us maximize profitability and alleviate error, it will help us provide better customer service and improve customer relation.

We will also be able to improve our delivery system. According to statistics, $10,000 saved or gained through delivery is equivalent to $250,000 in sales which is an astounding leverage to have. My team and I are very grateful for this ongoing improvement in the warehouse which will definitely create opportunities for all of us in the future. WMS is here to stay and we look forward to what the future holds for not only our location but all of BPI.

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