A day in the life of Jason Mertz and Cory Mikkelson

Published on Saturday, May 1, 2021

We all want to know…. What is it like to be Cory and Jason in Fargo?

Jason Mertz and Cory Mikkelson arrive with the sound of the chickens every morning at 6 and 6:30 respectively.  They start off each day by getting the building opened up while proceeding to unload the transfer truck and possibly one to four, or even five, trucks loaded with shingles.  After the trucks are unloaded, they start picking product to load and deliver to customers which can be anywhere from two to three trailers per day and ensuring all of the required paperwork is completed.  They also assist Jeremy Berndt in picking product for his in-town deliveries.    

The Fargo team that’s led by Taylor includes Jason, Cory and Jeremy in the warehouse and drivers Jarred, Baylee, Karla and Grant make a great team that communicates and works well together.  According to Jason and Cory, “Coming to work every day at this great company, how can you not enjoy your time working at BPI.  We enjoy every day!”  Thanks for all you do!

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