BPI Lumber and Engineered Wood Division Partners with Pacific Woodtech

January 8, 2018 5:28 pm

(Council Bluffs, IA) BPI Lumber & Engineered Wood located in Council Bluffs, IA announced a new Engineered Wood partnership with Pacific Woodtech (PWC) to distribute their products in the BPI service area of the Upper Midwest. PWC has one of the largest EWP facilities in the US and their products are all made in the Northwest US with Douglas Fir, a preferred specie in the market. They are a valued, well known premium manufacturer of I-joist and LVL. “PWC places high value on our distributors and believes in their capabilities. We believe the distributor knows their market best and we support them to be successful with quality products, software and sales/design support,” said Jim Enright, CEO of Pacific Woodtech.

“We are truly excited to have a very competitive partner with high quality Engineered Wood products to service the upper Midwest”, said Lee Schull, President & CEO of Building Products Inc. (BPI). “We will continue to offer LVL flanged I-joists, and will be expanding our LVL to include larger beams and studs,” said Nick Fitzgerald, BPI Branch Manager. BPI is also excited not to have the small territory restrictions that we had with our previous supplier. “This will allow us to provide a very competitive value package in more of Iowa, Southern Minnesota and even Kansas City along with our traditional markets of Omaha, Des Moines and Sioux Falls,” Fitzgerald also mentioned. “Just as PWC says the distributors know their market best, we also think our lumberyard customers know their builders best. We encourage them, with our support to offer builder programs with this new product line.” BPI’s service model allows them to deliver job-packs promptly, as well as full trucks to lumber yards. Stocking dealers will see even more savings. Software, provided by Calculated Structural Design (CSD) via PWC will be available as part of our service package as well. This software also communicates with any saw technology software in the market for those retailers with components saws. Call BPI Lumber & Engineered Wood to find out more about this new product line and a way to freshen sales in Engineered Wood at (800) 472-9221.

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For more information about Building Products Inc. visit www.bpi.build, and for more information about Pacific Woodtech visit www.pacificwoodtech.com.